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Bad Company. Selling items with 1-2 days delivery that arn't even in stock!

Bought a Kenwood FP972 blender, 1-2 days delivery. 24 hours after purchasing the item I looked online (as I had not received a delivery message) and the item was showing as 12 weeks till delivery for new purchases. I tried calling this site (but the phone line directs you to email contact only!!!) I emailed Besserepreise saying will it be 12 weeks? if so please cancel my order and refund immediately. The email was answered over 24 hours later, stating that the item would not be available to me on time and that I would be refunded immediately.

Payment was made via PayPal as company had no credit card or debit card system (bank transfers only or PayPal) PayPal refunds are instant, and no refund was made today.

This company's invoice did not show:

Delivery time originally stated
delivery time expected etc

also the company made no attempt to contact me with a problem with this delivery.

Will never use again, and will advise strongly against to anyone looking to buy from this place. I'm sure the money will be refunded, if not I will add to this review and inform PayPal of a fraudulent sale.
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