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damage and delays

after checking out previous reviews and visiting the showroom we decided to go to one place to order everything as being disabled my hubby thought it would be easier although somethings were more expensive despite being on sale ...
how wrong can you be or am I just very unlucky?
paid extra on top of delivery charges for delivery on a certain day because we were going away while bathroom being done with me being disabled.
day 1 - half the order arrived and one pallet was damaged - and had been cobbled together with odds pieces of wood and huge nails sticking out - all the items were damaged very noticeably.
why did it leave the warehouse in that condition?
after numerous phone calls which nobody returned despite promising an hour ... eventually (after having to scan in my delivery note copy re damaged and missing items and email it to prove it as delivery company said nothing reported!) the rest of order and replacements items were sorted out in the nick of time and promised next day ... items delivered seemed okay except one item missing - nothing important JUST THE SHOWER CUBICLE
next day after phone calls again the shower cubicle arrived - on a pallet huge and secured - on my own and disabled and driver left it on pallet (just like other goods) on my front - no noticeable damage at this time. Had to go away - fitter found a hole in bottom of shower cubicle box when he lifted it off the pallet with glass pieces trickling out - photographed it and rang and to ask about returning easy plumb tray - told to ring back monday - went through rigmoroll again and eventually the following friday another cubicle delivered.
all this and on top not been able to return the easy plumb kit for a refund that was not used but we did not know until too late because of delays caused by the company.
All in all a thoroughly horrendous experience. Company did agree to a short term credit note to exchange the easy plumb kit but seeing as they do not have much to exchange for having purchased everything else I needed am a bit stuck and credit will only last a couple of weeks provided I can get it back to the warehouse within a deadline ...
The customer service lady was quite good but no-one else has been in touch and I have been told policy is policy ....
I just hope to goodness we do not have any problems with the goods once installed as it does not forebear well with the experience I have had so far.
SO - CHECK EVERYTHING IN MINUTE DETAIL - RECORD EVERYTHING - AND BE VERY QUICK ABOUT IT and make sure you return everything broken with the driver.

if you do as the company suggests and get stuff delivered before you get a date for fitting then CHECK EVERYTHING and thoroughly - do not wait for your fitter and if you are disabled then get some strong men to be there for delivery and check it for you.
do not trust that the box seems okay so the goods must be!

I am very very stressed about the whole thing and I certainly cannot recommend this company. One thing broken or missing in a large order - perhaps, but not this much trouble.

ADDITION 2.12.11

another huge joke - the agreement states exchanges within 28days yet I was told a different tale when I asked about exchanging something saying I only had another 7 days for an exchange and they then only hold the credit for 2 weeks or I would lose it all, despite being away on holiday and being disabled which is why we were going away while the bathroom was being fitted.
The item was the 2nd time it was delivered (first one broken) and it was finally delivered again with no box within a pallet of cling filmed other goods - I was as good as called a liar by the warehouse in that they NEVER EVER SEND OUT UNBOXED GOODS when I invited him to comment on our other problems ... THEY NEVER EVER BREAK ANYTHING AND THAT MY GOODS WERE NEVER MISSING - NOTHING EVER WENT WRONG IN HIS WAREHOUSE !

there were 2 people queing to complain when we were there and also when my fitter had to go to pick something up they never bothered to tell us was necessary he was also in a queue of complaints.

When I invisted customer service agent to pass on my complaint to a manager and either speak to me or email his comments I was told
"Unfortunately a manger isn’t going to advise you any different, this is a company policy and we all abide by the same rules."

so no-one cares at all.

I have a faulty tap and no doubt I will get nowhere with that !

I am very angry, very tearful and bitterely dissapointed in their disinterest and complete disregard of customer satisfaction once your money is taken.
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