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A cut your losses situation

I'm just glad to be done with them.
We are setting up a campsite and needed 8 toilets. The Icon range at £51 looked perfectly adequate and so bought them. We didn't need to use them for a couple of months but when we came to unpack and fit them, the cisterns sat at about 30 degres to the vertical on the pan!. This is clearly not shown on the dimensions drawing or in the photos on the website. I sent them pictures and asked for replacements or refund. The customer service experience was nightmarish with absolutely no co-operation and a straightforward 'there is nothing wrong - that's how they are and the drawings are only for guidance'
BB offer a 240 day replacement policy if I arrange for return in undamaged and unused condition. Well we had only upacked two and so I took the decision to cut my losses and exchange them for the next grade up (impressions range) and pay the difference (£19 per loo). So I loaded them in the truck, drove 160 miles to Wigan and exchanged them. I had to wait nearly 1 1/2 hrs to effect the swap and during this time I lost count of the number of people returning items for exchange.
I had to inspect each loo before it was loaded and sign to say that I had done so.
the Imprressions range are perfectly adequate and well made - BUT they are continental and so the outlet spigot is not the same as the majority of UK design loos and getting an outlet pipe to fit was a nightmare and they are the most expensive kind. The water supply has to be a flexible type as you cannot fit a fixed pipe compression fitting as you cannot access the nut to fix it tightly with the loo in place due to its design and the loo has to be completely assembled with seat before you fix it in place. If the seat breaks (and on a campsite - it will) then the loo has to be taken out in order to access the seat nuts in order to effect replacement. This will be a real pig of a job. With my first hand knowledge and experience - buy British and avoid Better Bathrooms unless you have SEEN the item you want prior to purchase.
We have now noted that there are complete forums of complaints on the internet. I couldn't be bothered going down that route and so just cut my losses by paying more money, driving 300 odd miles round trip and now making do with what we have got until I need to replace.
Never again! - It will be B & Q or Wickes 'Toilets to Go' in future
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