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appalling deliveries & ignored complaint about delivery

BHL split my order into 2 parts but didn't tell me & so I didn't know to expect the small part over a week earlier than the estimated delivery date.
THE SMALL PART was delivered by Amazon, who're usually good but this time were appalling, making 3 separate huge errors:
1) the deliverer ignored my Royal Mail sticker on my front door saying NOT to disturb neighbours to take deliveries (& my own larger notice saying likewise)
2) the deliverer then ignored the neighbour saying she didn't want to take delivery, pressing her to do it "just this once"
3) the deliverer then didn't even give me a card saying what he'd done with my parcel ! (So I hadn't a clue why someone was then beating my door down from 11pm for 20 mins! - neighbour is eccentric - until I saw her next day)
I complained to BHL about this, saying they should at least've told me that Amazon were delivering the small part sooner, but BHL didn't even reply.
THE LARGE PART, the gas fire - the deliverer was inadequately equipped to deliver this -
a) it was very heavy (having an internal cast-iron radiator) but the deliverer didn't even have a trolley! - so he carried it up my high garden by its 2 thin straps & then, understandably, dropped it its last 30 cms to my floor - I hope he didn't break any delicate parts! (I'm still waiting for my gasman to have time to fit it.)
b) he didn't have a pen for me to sign for the order either! - but luckily I keep one in the hall.
I didn't bother complaining to BHL about this, being as they hadn't bothered replying to my other complaint, & so there was no point.
So basically BHL have a great website for looking up info & they have great prices BUT their deliveries are appalling AND they ignore complaints about them!
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