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Ok but in need of improvement

The whole big bus staff was very friendly and all our questions were answered very polite.
But there was no communication between the bus staff and the boat staff.
We were not informed, that the water is too low for the boat. We were told which way to walk to find the boat, but nothing about the problems there.
We also were not informed when we arrived, that the boat will not be able to come. We wated nearly 20 minutes and were only informed when we asked how long we will have to wait anymore. Beacause of this story we lost nearly one hour.
The next big bus we cached stopped after some minutes and the driver told us he will have a breake. So if we want, we can ask an other big bus or WALK!
So, we asked an other big bus and were told, if we do not want to wait 20 minutes, we have to walk.
Result: we spent one day in London and missed about 2 hours of this day because of big bus communikation problems and were not amused!
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