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Great coffee but not sure about compatibility

The coffee is very good but the capsules may not be totally compatible with all machines. In my case coffee from a Nespresso capsule takes 1min 5secs but from the Big Cup capsule the time is 2min 3secs. I was sent a replacement box but the same applies. With the Nespresso version the base of the capsule is "domed" and after use the 3 pierce holes are obvious but with Big Cup the base is flat and, I think, further from the piercing "prongs" . The result, in my view, is that the piercing is not as effective hence the longer time to produce a cup of coffee. Having bought the Discovery Pack it looks as though it will take forever to use all the capsules.
It's a pity because the coffee is very good. The capsules need a redesign.
My machine is a Krups.
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    Hi Alex,

    Sorry to hear you're still experiencing some issues with the capsules - I will drop you a line to follow this up again and hopefully we can get something sorted for you soon.
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