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Where's the variation?

I have tried a few coffees for my Nespresso machine by now. So far the original ones are by far the best and while many alternative coffees are to weak the big cup little cup stuff has a different problem. I got the starter pack, so a good variety of 7 coffees. Well...sure, they are different, but very very similar. All are roasted rather dark, all are rather acidic and none has the smoothness yet intensity of some of the original choices. I have tried all blends by now, I will try all of them again making notes to be sure I don't talk nonsense, but so far I wouldn't buy again and am considering to look into the money back thing. I have tried some of my leftover Nespresso capsules every now and then to make sure its not my taste that changed or the water or something, but I always preferred the original ones. Sure, there are very smoky variations from Nespresso as well...but only two or three...not every single one.

I like my coffee with a bit of variation, mild and smooth in the mornings, strong after lunch and maybe a little espresso with a sweet touch in the evening. With the coffee I got this isn't possible. If you would throw them into a bowl I couldn't tell which one is which if it wasn't for the difference in crema between them and some sublimal differences.

If you love dark roasted coffee with strong roasting aromas and a good deal of acidity, then this will be your favourite brand. If you like your coffee different, maybe strong but not with a slightly burnt touch or you dislike acidity, then all I can say is hands off.
I have the feeling that they tried to make the coffee taste stronger than it is by roasting it to death...

My review is based on having the coffee in the supposed way as Espresso or Lungo respectively and I always tried it black before adding milk most of the times because I couldn't stand the taste.
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    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your feedback. So sorry to hear we haven't been able to create an amazing coffee experience for you this time. Please drop me a line at to see if there is any way we can help and improve your experience with Big Cup Little Cup.
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