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A rather mixed shopping experience

On 26 April I ordered a variety of items from Bigdug, namely some divided galvanised shelving, a longspan bench, a hazardous waste cabinet, a Draper tool cabinet and a bolted steel workbench. The ordering process was fine, although I found the website a little confusing as they have so many items at so many different prices, with similar descriptions that it is difficult to decide, from the limited information available, what is best suited to your requirements and your price range. Anyway, I spoke to "Nicola" in customer services who assisted me with placing my order and who was very friendly and helpful. She offered to throw in a free gift - more of that later.

The hazardous waste cabinet, the shelving and the longspan bench arrived very quickly indeed. Only one delivery man, and VERY heavy goods, so it was just as well there were three of us at home to unload the lorry. The pallet holding the bench and shelving would have required an industrial fork lift truck to unload, so we had to cut all the packaging off and unload it piece by piece. Two slight problems, though, no assembly instructions for the bench, and the instructions for the galvanised shelving was for ordinary galvanised shelving not the divided shelving. A call to customer services (incredibly helpful and friendly again) pointed me in the direction of their website from where you can download all their instructions. Well, apart from longspan benches and divided galvanised shelving, it turns out. More calls to customer services. The longspan bench is a new item, and there are as yet no assembly instructions for it; but I was sent instructions for bulk longspan racking, which was close enough. The divisions in the galvanised shelving I could work out myself without too much difficulty. One word of warning, though: I ordered a starter bay with a width of 1500mm and an extension bay of 1200mm, naively assuming that the total width would be 2700mm. It isn't, it is 2800mm which meant I had to spend a couple of hours relocating an electrical wall socket, and making good.

The Draper tool cabinet also arrived very quickly, but the bolted workbench did not. The website quoted a delivery time of 8-14 days when I ordered it, and as I write (18 days later) it has still not arrived. I have been in regular contact with customer services, who are very responsive, but they say this item is coming direct from their manufacturer, is made to order and the earliest they are likely to deliver is Monday 20th May, three and a half weeks after I placed the order. I am hoping that they might just manage to bring this forward to Friday, but am not holding my breath.

One rather odd experience during this whole process: the free gift I referred to above was a set of 16 small storage boxes. These arrived with the first delivery of shelving and the hazardous wasterage boxes. These arrived with the first delivery of shelving and the hazardous waste cabinet. I was slightly taken aback, though, to come home one evening and find a further 1,152 small storage boxes packed onto a large pallet and left on my drive. I e-mailed customer services who told me it was an "administrative error" and they would arrange for the pallet to be collected, which they did very quickly.

Very impressed so far with the quality of the items I have ordered, I would love to see what my bolted steel workbench looks like.
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    Reply from BiGDUG

    Thanks for your review GM, we appreciate all feedback to help us to continuously improve on both our products and services.

    I'm sorry to read that you had a few issues with our website when ordering, on certain items as there are so many different sizes available it can get a little confusing. I will pass this review onto our Web team who can look into making the website a little simpler to use though.

    Unfortunately as some of our goods are very heavy they need to be stored on pallets to protect them from damage during transit but I understand this can pose a problem sometimes and we will look into reviewing this. As some of our products are very similar the same instructions can be used for a variety of different shelving and this may have been the reason why you couldn't find the specific set on our website. I can see that you were directed to a different set of instructions though and these were sufficient.
    You have mentioned that your extension bay and starter bay were bigger than you expected as well, as our measurements are only estimates there can be slight differences but I will let our product team know about this to check measurements again.

    I can only apologise for the delay you are experiencing with the bolted workbench from Draper Tools, as this item does come direct from the manufacturer we have no control over their production schedules. I see that my colleague has given you an estimated delivery date and unfortunately this is unlikely to be bought forward by the supplier. If you would like to discuss delivery times further please contact customer services on 01684 858484 or at and they will be able to contact our supplier directly.

    I'm sorry about the administrative error that left you with a pallet of free gifts but thank you for letting us know about this so we could get this collected and sorted for you quickly and efficiently.

    I hope that your order is sorted by the estimated time and again if you have any further queries please contact BiGDUG on the number provided above.

    Thanks for your order,

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