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Under no circumstances should you purchase anything from this Company or its Subsidiaries!

The title pretty much says it all minus the swearing!!! If i could give 0 stars i would!

I purchased a pair of Holbrook Oakley sunglasses through Bikeinn on 03/06/13 as a gift for a friend of mine whos birthday was on the 15/06/13. The website said the merchandise would be in stock in 4 days time and then delivered in 4 days based on the cheapest postage option i could select (At £5.91 this is a rip off in itself given that most online retailers will guarantee next day delivery for this sort of price)

Worst case i expected to receive delivery by 13/06/13 which still gave me a couple of days grace. With no delivery received I made contact with the customer services team as i had received no further emails since my purchase confirmation to advise of dispatch or suggest that there may be a stocking issue. Surely that would be standard protocol for any online company?

Bike inn responded to say that the item would not be received in stock until 15/06/13 and would offer a 5% discount as a way of apology. My main concern was not with the price but with the delivery date so requested a free upgrade to next day delivery which they accepted. At the time i was satisfied with this as a response, however, Bike Inn have failed to deliver on either promise.

I notified Bike Inn at the time of my initial complaint that their website still stated 4 days to stock for this item when clearly this was incorrect. To add insult to injury today it still states 4 days to stock this item so i can only assume that they are falsely advertising across the board on a lot of the products they sell. check the following link to the page for yourself

In the current market were service is everything this companies protocol is so far wide of the mark its not even funny. 2 further emails to the customer services team since the above communication have gone unanswered so i had to phone them today to get to the bottom of this whole debacle. Its worth noting that this is the 2nd time i have called them and the call is an international dialing tone so god knows what thats cost me. The individual i spoke to couldnt have been less helpful or more blase about the issue which gave the impression this wasnt her first dealing of this kind. I was told that they now expected to receive stock of the product on 04/07/13.........4 weeks after i placed my order!!!!

I have now cancelled my order and requested a full refund, but given my recent experience of Bikeinn I don't expect this is where the saga will end...........To be continued??........I really effing hope not!!

Im sure like me, you can see the comedy with the fact that 2 days ago i received an email from Bikeinn with a link to review the service i have received and voice my opinion, so here we are.
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