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Not recommended. Their customer service email is almost non-responsive

Do not use Bike365's comparison tool... it will only misguide you.
Their service is just ok... nothing great. Their response is not on time if you email them (as if they receive 100s of email everyday!!).

I compared a bike (by name of the same brand - Raleigh) with what I was getting at Halfords. That was my biggest mistake.

At Halfords they were selling a better bike than this (same Raleigh brand with same name) having front suspension.

I didn't see it attentively on this website (as I thought if product name is same then of course product has to be same as it belongs to same brand). That is where I faltered and made biggest fool of myself.
These guys were selling this mediocre product at £144 where as I was getting much better bike in £140 at halfords... completely assembled !

Above all... instructions are so poor that I am speechless. Its NOT for first timers. If I would have not had a ASDA bike ( you read it right) which was half its price... I would have had returned this. ASDA gave me video CD with instructions which I tried to follow for this bike as well and somehow managed to assemble it.

These guys did not even provided all the tools necessary to assemble the bike (which is a norm).

Frame looks ok. Nothing great about it. Its definitely not worth its price.

I am upset with myself that why did I came to this website and fell for this bike.

Above all... their product review system is completely baseless, biased and heavily moderated. I have reviewed the bike I bought with them on their website at least 3 times in last 5 months, my review is still not their on their website. That means, if some writes bad about their bike, they won't display it. This means this guys are NOT trustworthy. There must be 100s of fools like me who must have reviewed the bike after purchasing from these guys but these guys are not displaying those reviews.
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