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Just cheating

I went to Bilka onestop to buy a notebook, the sales man was very friendly and explained different laptops. There was an offer for Acer laptop and he told us that This is a good laptop and if you don't like it, you can return it in 30 days. I was so happy and without any hesitation I purchased that laptop.
The laptop is generating too much heat and the closing lid was closing too fast.
So immediately I went back to Bilka and told the problem. The guy said OK, we will inspect it.
After 5 days, I got an SMS that, the laptop is ready to pickup.
When I asked if they rectified the problem, they said, it is normal and there is no problem to fix. Then I told them that, I don't want this laptop as I am not satisfied with it. The guy in the reparation said he can only refund 90% of the price.
This was not mentioned when the sales man sold it to me. He never said, I only get 90% of the cost of the item, if I return it in 30 days.
I didn't even used it, this is unfair to loose 10% of the price (without even using it).
Bilka really cheated me.

Updated on 1st Oct 2012
I didn't really understand the meaning of returning in 30 days. How I can be unsatisfied with the product without opening the package and look at it?
Should I just look at the package for 30 days and keep thinking about it it and return it? This doesn't make any sense at all.
Anyway, I will not use bilka again
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    Reply from Bilka

    Hi Reddy

    Thank you for your comments.

    I'm very sorry to learn about your experience and therefore I would like to send your comments to Bilka Onestop. When they have an answer for me, I will answer you here again.

    Best regards


    Opdateret 1/10-12

    Hi again Reddy

    Now I have spoken to Bilka Onestop and they tell me, that the reason why they could only refund 90 % of the price to you is to be found in the fact that you have opened the packaging.

    In that case the computer has lost some value for us and therefore we can't return the full amount.

    I'm fery sorry about this and I hope this has cleared some questions. If not, I have promised to tell you, that you are welcome to contact Bilka Onestop again.

    Have a very nice day.

    Best regards
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