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such waste of time

For some reason I can't comments so i post here as updated reivew:

Dear John,

Many thanks for your time replying my earlier review. I've already knew the reason why my online order was rejected. If you see my review to Ellis Brigham outdoors for details here:

Basically I used a new credit card for this purchasing but the card doesn't support 3D authentication feature which means my order can ONLY be shipped to the billing address.

Are you serious that if your customer service telling me this can breach your security system? Don't forget Blacks never contacted me that my order was rejected for 5 working days till I asked your customer service why I haven't receive my goods which suppose to be delivered in 3~5 days.

Thanks again for your time replying,

******* Below was my review of Blacks outdoors on July 24th ************
I ordered a waterproof jacket on July 14th and had it delivered to Richmond store for pickup. Confirmation email said it will be dispatched quickly and I will receive an email soon with tracking info. however I waited till 19th still haven't got such confirmation email. Contacted customer service and got a reply from them:

I'm sorry to say that your order has been cancelled by our security review team.
Due to the nature of this cancellation, we are unable to disclose the reason on this occasion.

I paid with my credit card using my current billing address and had the jacket delivered to a local store for pickup in person. What kind of security concern those guys can think of? I've been shopping online for ten some years and this is first time ever i get a rejection for such a funny "no reason".

I wanted to have a waterproof jacket for holidays leaving on 21st. I ended up took an umbrella with me. Thank you very much Blacks for banning me from purchasing a jacket from you!
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    Reply from Blacks

    Dear Patrick,

    I fully understand your disappointment at having your order rejected especially as we are unable to supply you with a specific reason.

    As a responsible retailer we feel it is very important to have a strong security system in place for all online orders. This is for both our own and our customers protection. We cannot give specific reasons for rejections as this could undermine our security.

    On occasions the system may reject a perfectly valid order. We do constantly review our security so that this does not happen but sometimes it will be unavoidable.

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Services.
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