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There are a couple of reviews that I found too late about this company, and I suspect that while I ordered from the U.K. website, that my comments would apply equally to their Canadian, Australian, American and other international websites they have.

Basically I ordered good, paid by Credit Card, but the goods never arrived. I contacted their Customer service via their online contact form to enquire about the delivery and they sent an email saying that the goods had been sent by XXX post and gave a tracking number. I checked the tracking number which kept coming back as invalid.

I emailed them several times but all subsequent requests went unanswered. I also tried calling them on the telephone they had mentioned on their website, but got an "Invalid telephone number" message.

Finally I informed them that I would contact Trading Standards and that legal action would be taken if the goods were not delivered. In fact, I did contact the Trading Standards and some other related organisations in the U.K. to complain.

Suddenly a month later a package arrives with a request from the Post Office for approx £7 in Customs Duty!! I am not sure whether the threat did the trick and was the reason why the 2 items I had ordered were dispatched, but making me pay Customs Duty for a product that was ordered off a U.K. website is unacceptable. Nowhere on their website did they mention that delivery would not be made from the U.K. and that Customs charges would apply!

Bottom line is I do not know whether this is a scam or not, seeing as how the items were delivered, albeit many months later. However, customers from all their International websites need to know that they may be additionally billed for Customs Duty. I suspect that most of the goods are of Chilean origin and are shipped from there, if they EVER ship them at all.

Other websites they own are : Andean Wares
Stores: | | |

Here are some links to reviews of this website by others who have ordered from them. My review is on the first link below :

A very detailed account of one Consumer's experience :

Hope the above stops at least one other person from being scammed.


=================== UPDATE ==================

Update to my earlier review - I have now proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Bohemia Style/Gifts of the Andes, etc. etc... all one single company are a FRAUDULENT company and are SCAMMERS. They have taken my credit card details from my earlier order above and have fraudulently charged several transactions to my credit card.

Do NOT deal with any of the companies in this group.
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