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An easy no counting diet that Really works

I had my daughter in Jan 09 on a Sunday morning and by Thursday teatime I was back in my pre pregnancy jeans. Then after 2 miscarriages in 2010 we'd paid to have some hair analysed and found we were lacking in a few crucial vitamins and minerals and we started on a 3 month plan in November 2011. Which must have worked as our son came along in March 12, he was a whopping 10lb 8oz (it was suspected that id had gestational diabetes and not known) and the weight was so much harder to shift this time, he was fast approaching 9 months an my weight was going up not down!
I blamed running round after 2 small children, bad food choices, picking at their leftovers, skipping meals (I never ate breakfast) an eating late after the children were in bed. we moved house and i hold weight when im stressed, we had two weeks with no cooker so ate a lot of rubbish and then Christmas So it was no wonder In January this year I was the biggest id ever been aside from 9 months pregnant!! Something had to change. Then I found Boossh on groupon an thought why not. It was a great offer.
So I bit the bullet an started it. it was easy to follow, boil a kettle or run a tap an the food paks were sooo tasty! Porridge or a shake for breakfast, theres loads of flavours more than enough for a different one every day of the week. Just mix with water and shake well, no excuses for skipping breakfast.
Then I'd have a meal pak for lunch (thai tikka or korma are my favourite!) Pour on boiling water an microwave for 90 seconds. I'd have soups mid afternoon. A healthy meal with ingredients from the allowed lists at teatime and if i had room a boossh pudding or I'd have another pak for supper.
After the initial few days where I missed chocolate and cakes etc I found this unlike any diet id ever tried before. Ordering was easy and i couldn't fault customer services.( A few of my tikka sachets were damaged on arrival but they were replaced without fuss and arrived within 2 days.)
Within 6 weeks id lost 18lbs and I had tons more energy. I managed to maintain this weight even through a holiday and several birthday parties! I encouraged my hubby to try the shakes an have them instead of skipping breakfast when he was rushing to work. He lost 8lb too.
My best friend joked that id get "knocked up" and the weight loss would be wasted
An low an behold she was right
We will be welcoming a new arrival in November!
Thanks boossh! !
I'll be right back on it after. I wont waste 9 months before shifting this baby weight!!
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