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I was so disappointed with the meals. The taste was bland at est and revolting at worst. The shakes were gritty. I won't be buying again.
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    Reply from Boossh

    Hi Marion

    Many thanks for your Boossh review. We do understand using a VLCD formula food is not for everyone. Mixing the shakes is important, you simply add water to your Boossh shaker and shake, this mixes the product well, or some people use a hand blender. The grit you are referring to is all the minerals in the product, a specially formulated VLCD means 4 Mealpaks per day gives your body everything it needs. So it is important to shake/mix well so the minerals disperse.

    The meals are simply a VLCD flavour and an alternative to a shake or soup, they are not "meals" as in full meals, just a savoury formula food.

    If you do wish to re-visit using a VLCD, which is a very popular way to lose weight, please do let us know

    Kind regards

    Team Boossh
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