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I was doing a VLCD before and I was unable to stick to it for any length of time due to the limited product choice and how bland they were. Then Sarah Carter introduced me to the Boossh website and i couldn't believe the product range so I put in an order. I cannot believe how good everything is it really tastes like the real thing.. I am also a big fan of the orange jelly this has been a life saver for me. Boossh products have changed this diet for me and made it enjoyable I now look forward to having all my meals instead of dreading how i'm going to get it down me...Thank you Boossh this diet is fantastic and I know i will succeed :). Anybody who is thinking about ordering for the first time should just do it you won't be dissappointed
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    Reply from Boossh

    Hi Tracey

    Thank you for your Boossh review.

    As a VLCD user it is great to hear your feedback on the Boossh products. Yes Jelly is great, a nice cold "free" snack! Hopefully now you can enjoy using a VLCD range of products!

    Happy Boosshing

    Team Boossh
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