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Boossh Groupon promotion offers a lot but delivers nothing!

A friend to me about Boossh promotion on Groupon at the weekend that offered up to 61% off, so on Sunday I placed an order for the Six Week offer (£80) which I received and I placed my order on the Boossh website, the Groupon coupon didn't cover all the cost I had to pay an extra £4.99 to Boossh. Delivery was expected to take up to 7 days. Today Friday (5 days later) at noon I received an email from Groupon telling me that I may have experienced delays but the product will be with me by Thursday 18 July at the latest. At 4.40 today I received another email from Groupon telling me that the last email was a mistake and Boossh was now unable to fulfil my order. But as a good will gesture, Boossh have was now offering a 30% discount code to use before 30th Sept 2013. I don't know about the Boossh products but its discounts certainly get thinner I started with a 61% discount offer and now its 30%. I now need to try and get back my £4.99 ( No offer of a refund from Boossh yet) and make sure Groupon refund my £80 in the next 5 working days. I think i will place my business with an company that can deliver on it's promotions and I do hope Groupon will also seriously consider if it wants to continue promoting companies that fail to deliver.
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    Reply from Boossh

    Hi Simon
    The Boossh Groupon Promotion exceeded all expectations. We have run 10 Groupon offers, and these sales were unexpected. It is pleasing to see how much in demand Boossh is, but sadly we were unable to complete on some 4/6 weeks in the delivery time frame of 7 working days. The promotion also blocked our phone lines and emails, and all our team worked hard, and also worked throughout the night to assist clients. Again this was unexpected and not planned.

    Groupon refunded swiftly and they refunded you, and we, same day, refunded your £4.99pp paid to us. As a gesture of goodwill Groupon & Boossh sent a 30% offer code out, and also there was a two week offer at the same price offered, on Boossh Facebook. We are pleased to say many Boosshers took this offer up and have also used the 30% offer code.

    Your refund was done for you on 12th July

    Groupon also sent you the wrong email but they did apologise in their 2nd email to you and they clearly just made a mistake.

    We do hope you enjoy one or both of the offers, and you can enjoy the very popular Boossh products.

    We do understand your frustrations, but the level of sales was totally unexpected. We are pleased to say that most redeemed orders were completed on time

    If we can assist you further, please do contact us here at -
    Kind regards
    Team Boossh
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