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Poor very poor and the reply to people is even worse!!!!!

I work in a high end customer business and how this has all been handled is a complete joke. If we dealt with our customers this way we would be looking for a new job. As it stands Boossh I have not received my delivery money back for either of the the two orders I put in. I am still waiting on my money back from groupon so I can go and purchase a more reliable plan from a company that will supply. You comment on your discount on Facebook and the 30% offer, well if you can deliver them, WHY can't you deliver the orders all us disgruntled customers paid hard earned money for??? You are holding people's money for a product you cannot supply! I paid all my money on the 6th July and you gain interest from it! Where is my money Boossh and Groupon?? You would have had more credit in business to say to people your order is going to take a little longer due to volume from the Groupon deal. Instead you want to lose customers who will no longer come back to buy your product. I work with over 1000 people a day and they will hear how Boossh treat customers, a good example of why I work in a company who values customer service.
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    Reply from Boossh

    Hi Ross
    Thanks for your review and we understand you are disappointed with the cancelled Groupon order.

    Groupon have emailed you and refunded you, and we have offered a 30% refund and two week order at the groupon prices. Your Groupon was cancelled on Friday and refunded on Monday for you. You only pay us the £4.99pp, and this has also been refunded for you.

    We do apologise for any delays you had from our team, but the Groupon offer was so successful awe had a very high unexpected level of sales. Our phone lines were blocked and our email support we added an auto reply to explain the delays in response times due to the sheer amount of emails we were receiving in a condensed three days.

    Our team work hard and offer support until 11pm 7 days a week, as you can see from all the reviews on here, what you have experianced is to do with the Groupon offer that ran over three days. This was our 10th groupon promotion, so we do not how to handle national promotions, but no one had expected the sales that were reached in a matter of hours.

    Due to the 7 working day time frame which is our contractual obligation with Groupon, we could not meet this on some 4/6 week orders, and thus a swift refund and email was sent by Groupon.

    Boossh is very popular and the products are unique, if you do wish to revisit Boosshing at any time, and experiance the normal quality service we give, please do come back to us, once again we understand your disappointment.

    Kind regards
    Team Boossh
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