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BEWARE! Really bad customer service and poor attitude to customers!

A few months ago I saw this company on Groupon, I had never heard of them, but I placed an order anyway. After delays to the order which boossh blamed Groupon, and to which Groupon blamed Boossh, the order was going to be dispatched, then it wasn't then it was again, it was all very confusing and there was a total lack of communication, eventually Groupon refunded the costs, strangely after I asked them on their facebook page how they could possibly oversubscribe their product via Groupon they deleted my post and blocked me from posting (Don't like anything slightly negative on their page it would seem!)

Stupidly I decided to place another order with them directly, it was great I got my order the next day (then the day after I got my dispatch email even though it had already been delivered), However it was missing items (they wrote on the dispatch note they would be following the next day). That was 3 weeks ago. I have tried to contact them through support (no reply to support tickets after 10 days), Calls to them go on and off hold only to be told there is no one to help with the query.
I should have learned from the first order, but never again.

It's a shame as Boossh is a really great product but unfortunately the poor customer service is enough to put anybody off, and definitely has left a nasty taste in my mouth :P

As an update I have been home all week and there has been NO additional contact from Boossh or any delivery of my missing items (despite them stating they would contact me to resolve) as below. Have given now up and have contacted my credit card issuer who will be disputing on my behalf.
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    Reply from Boossh


    Team Boossh here, we can confirm we have not received any email ticket supports from you at all, we are here 7 days a week until 11pm, and this does seem very odd. One of our team will call you today to resolve any issue.

    All you need to do is to email us directly at Our phones lines do get very busy, and if the operators are unable to put you through at the time, they will take your details and send to us, again we have searched the system and we do not have any messages from you either.

    Our team was here last night dealing with customers, and can confirm we have not heard from you until we read this review.

    One of our team shall call you today and we can resolve any issue you may have.

    Kind regards
    Team Boossh
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