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fake prices, dont book there!

i tried to book a flight vienna - warsaw, bravo fly displayed half of the price in comparison to other search sites, so I booked it, they charged the money and I received just an email that I should wait, so I did waited few hours, checked paypal - money gone.
then I called them and they told me that austrians airlines declined "me" for security reasons, but they havent informed me about, so where was the email which I should receive as an information - nowhere.
then the operator said that to money was only blocked - wrong it was gone, I opened up a dispute at paypal and next day I got the money back, but no flight.

so I called the flight company and they didnt knew anything about, so bravo did lie to me!
great thank you bravo fly, for complicating my situation, cause I did already planned everything for the flight, cause the price was OK, at least the one bravo fly offered, now I can change all my plans.
excellent, thank you bravo!
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    Reply from Bravofly

    Dear Michael,

    We are sorry that we were unable to confirm your booking but glad that after our attempts to aid you, our proposal was to your satisfaction.

    As explained at the time, the reason your booking was not confirmed was due to some issues during the controls carried out by our system, which automatically notifies us whether the transactions are secure or not. This allows us to guarantee safe transactions, where everyone can purchase without worrying. In your case it seems as though our system has automatically detected an unsecure transaction, therefore it was blocked immediately in order to protect your booking.

    In such situations technically no charge is made to your method of payment and the amount is released immediately by Bravofly.

    All the best, Sofia
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