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I am becoming desperate and hoping this will get me somewhere. I have an upcoming booked flight fro Zagreb-Istanbul return. Merely by accident, I contacted Croatia Airlines to book a separate ticket for my friend only to be told that my return flight is cancelled because as of March 31, Croatia Airlines is no longer flying to Istanbul. So my first thought was, WHY DID BRAVOFLY NOT INFORM ME??? I started my phone calls yesterday. As I have a VoIP phone, I first called the USA number, only to get an extremely rude man saying "he will have to call the airline and confirm but will then call me back". No response. I called this morning (this time the UK number), received another rude man who told me the same thing. 3 hours later, I receive an email from BravoFly stating "change in flight schedule". BUT THE FLIGHT SCHEDULE DID NOT CHANGE!!! I called for the third time, AGAIN a rude man, who just kept saying "your flight is confirmed", and I kept trying to explain that the airline has confirmed with me that the return flight is cancelled. I again hear "will call airline and call you back". NO CALL. I am beyond frustrated because I keep hitting a dead end. WHAT AM I TO DO??? I don't want to buy another flight and I'm afraid they will not give me a refund!!!! HELP!!!!! This is the WORST company ever.
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    Reply from Bravofly

    Dear Matea,

    We are sorry that you had cause to complain regarding your booking and the level of customer service received.

    As explained, unfortunately at the time of your request and review here we had not received any notification of a flight change or cancellation by the airline. We then proceeded to investigate further and we are glad that just a few days later our Customer Assistance Team was able to inform you about the official cancellation and provide you with an acceptable alternative.

    Kind regards, Sofia
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