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Ridiculously poor customer service and very rude!!

I'm trying to change my flight booking to this coming Thursday and despite calling the Australia number and "all lines being busy" for the first hundred times I call, I then get diverted to Switzerland where I am told they cannot help me until 9am in the morning, Switzerland time. I need to urgently change my flights and start planning my trip to the UK which is potentially in 3 days time and despite being 9am in the morning in Australia, I can't actually do anything today and I have to wait. I tried calling the number a couple of times to address this urgent issue that has arised and both times I was spoken to in a very rude way and told to "wait for an email". This is absolutely ridiculous and I have never experienced customer service quite like it. The customer service numbers states that the operators are 24/7 but this just means you can put in your requests 24/7 but you will only get responses between 9am - 5pm Switzerland time......not entirely useful when you live in Australia.

Not happy at all and now just left feeling anxious and concerned rather than excited and organised!!
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    Reply from Bravofly

    Dear Vicky,

    We are happy that after our attempts to help you we were able to contact you to complete the transaction for the new flights.

    Please allow us to apologise for the customer service you received when requesting a change to your booking.

    Regarding change requests, as an agent, we are governed by the airlines and any fare rules agreed at the time of purchase. When we receive such a query to change a booking we must check the type of request against the terms and conditions of the airline and fare ticket rules as well as availability of the requested flights.

    As soon as we receive confirmation from the airline we contact our clients in order to proceed.

    Kind regards, Sofia
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