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Minor niggles to an otherwise good flight

We were supposed to start our journey at 6:30am on June 28th 2012 via Dutch KLM . It so happened Dutch KLM experienced had problems with the plane and we were re-booked for a direct flight with BA the same day at approximately 17:30 the afternoon .

I am an avid amateur videographer and so to make the best of a bad situation I wanted to take some video footage from Heathrow Terminal 5 from where we departed . I came to a place on the terminal where I wanted to film a suitcase going onto the weigh-in conveyor belt . It was then that a lady of the BA member of staff approached asking me to stop filming and delete the footage of the video I have taken . As it is a public place I questioned why she required me to stop taking video footage and invited her to look at the footage that I have been taking . The footage was just of a suitcase rolling on a conveyor belt with no people of members of staff in the footage and no personal identifying properties to the suitcase either .

She explained to me that BA staff had a right not to be filmed and that if I didn't delete the footage that she could get a member of security to come and explain it to me in a very threatening demeanor . I explained to her that as I wasn't filming BA staff and I have invited her to look at the footage and therefore didn't understand her concerns and that she was welcome to get to security to explain the concerns to me . The security personnel did arrive on the scene and after explaining to him why I do not understand her concerns he gave me a very valid security reason for not filming the footage that I wanted which was totally different from the way the BA staff lady explained to me . I therefore deleted the footage that the security personnel asked me to and invited him to have a look at other video footage that he might have thought was inappropriate . Even the security personnel asked the BA staff lady to have a look at the footage , to which she declined to .

I understand that terrorism is a real threat which need to be treated with a high level of security and after the security personnel did explain to me in a reasonable way why I couldn't film certain parts I understood the reasoning .

Where I think things could have gone better is if the BA staff lady was trained to explain in a professional and non confrontational manner what the concerns to security was . It came across that she was implying that if I don;t stop what I was doing , that she was going to put security on me like you would a dog on a robber . One expects a BA staff lady to have more customer relationship skills than the airport security staff and had she explained the concerns as well as he did , the situation would not have escalated to security level . Airport security have more important scenarios to attend to after all . Smart phones these days are almost all capable of taking video footage in a much more clandestine manner . Openly taking video footage on a tripod should have maybe let her think that this might have been a misdirected customer and should have changed her approach .

The flight itself was on time . However once we were on the runway almost about to lift-off we got an in flight announcement from the pilot informing us that the wrong cargo was loaded onto the plane and that the plane needed to return to Terminal 5 so that the cargo could be removed . This delayed the flight about an hour in total .

The rest of the flight was enjoyable and the aircrew was great .

Hopefully future encounters with BA will be better .
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