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What a load of British GAS...........Whoooorraaaa!

A month ago I wrote a blog about the classic nightmare I had suffered with British Gas since I first received an incorrect gas bill in September.

The problem revolves around the fact that, despite repeated requests, British Gas’s billing department kept failing to send me a correct bill. Everytime I called up about this I received an apology and was assured a correct bill was on the way.

However, while the billing department was repeatedly cocking up my bill, another department was sending me demands for £31.45!!!!

I’d been told I didn’t owe. These started as reminders, then became red letters, a threat of disconnection, notice of legal action and finally an ‘urgent’ notice that the company was getting a warrant to enter my parents home and disconnect the gas with the police potentially present.

Understandably, the threat of the heavies arriving to cut off my gas seriously worried me as my parents are quite old. British Gas were hounding me for £31.45, they admitted I didn’t owe, but everyone who had promised to sort this out had failed to do so.

Don't use this company they are a nightmare
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