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would be no stars if this site allowed it !!!

I have several homecare 100 agreements on different properties with british gas covering all boilers ,
however i have recently had to call them out as a boiler had broken on one of the properties
although i had been paying for this service for 18 months , at the first time of calling them out , they quoted that this particular appliance was not on their service agreement list as it had no Gas Council number.
i telephoned the manufacturer of the boiler who gave me this Gas council number and i then gave this to british Gas.
Every telephone representative that i spoke to assured me that the problem would be sorted , but every time they sent an engineer , he refused to carry out work on the boiler as he could not find this number , and surprisingly the engineers are allowed to refuse to do work at their discretion !!!
I have spoken to 7 different representatives and 3 different managers , three engineers have been sent over the course of a week with no attempt to carry out repairs .
I have now paid for a local gas company to fix this appliance and am going to take legal action against British Gas
I would avoid this company at all costs !!!! use a local company who actually want to help you
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