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I have never ever ever known incompetence like it.

If only this allowed you to show 0 stars...

Sunday 27th January
My heating stopped working on Sunday so I called British Gas at 9.15am to let
them know and luckily I was told that someone could come out that day between
then and 6pm. I thought this was fine, with it being a Sunday and January.

I stayed in all day and at 2pm missed a phone called from a blocked number and
the caller left a message. I listened to the message where the British Gas
engineer said he would be here in 10-20mins. I was so happy it was happening so

By 3.30pm I began to wonder where he was, I had not played music or made any
loud noises for fear of not hearing the (very loud) door bell. I had been checking
my phone, but obviously didn't call the engineer, firstly his phone number was
blocked and secondly he didn't leave his number in his message.

I decided to call customer services again. I spoke to a most unhelpful person
who informed me the engineer had in fact been, had tried to call me but my phone
was engaged, rang the bell and left a calling card. The engineer had not rang
the doorbell, nor had they left a calling card (my housemate checked this
immediately). If my phone was indeed engaged, would you not try again? Perhaps
you might send a text? Or maybe you thought ringing the doorbell might mean
someone would open the door? The customer service idiot at the call centre would
not believe that the engineer had not been to the flat. By this point I had had
enough of his charming ways and asked for my £50 for the call out charge (to which
he said would be fine) to be refunded and asked to speak to a manager. I was on
hold for about 10mins and suddenly the phone was put down on the other end!

By now, inevitably furious. Beyond furious. I called British Gas back, wasting
even more money. I had to explain the situation again to another incompetent
numpty who informed me that no one could come back that day to fix my boiler.
I'd like to emphasis that NO ONE HAD BEEN ROUND. I was told that another
appointment could be made on Monday 28th but between 12pm-2pm which was not
going to work as both myself and my housemate are unable to miss work. I was
offered another slot on Tuesday 29th January in the morning which I did not feel
was good enough, seeing as though it was not my fault that the engineer had not
turned up when he was supposed to! I asked for a refund and he said yes it was
fine but he couldn't get the same engineer who was supposed to have been round
that day to come back and actually do his job. Especially as the engineer would have an hour window spare having not actually fixed my boiler. He couldn't do anything
so I asked to speak to his manager.

I spoke to this imbeciles' manager. Bear in mind now, this is the third person
I've spoken to. Who told me I had to accept that no one could come that day, so
I reluctantly agreed to someone coming on Tuesday morning as I had it off work.
I requested for my £50 to be refunded again and he explained that it was at the
discretion of the engineer who comes round - not customer services. They could
put a 'note' on the system but that was it. It was in the hands of god (the
engineer) & I spent about 30mins arguing with this idiot. I complained and asked
to speak to his manager but they weren't in until the next day (Monday 28th
January) but they and the complaints department would be calling me when they're
back in the next day. He also told me I'd receive a text to confirm the booking on
Tuesday 29th January. By this point I was boiling with anger I had to accept
what he was saying and hope for the best the following day.

Monday 28th January
On Monday 28th January I left it until 5pm and when I'd not heard from anyone at
British Gas about anything, I decided to call them again! I spoke to the first
person who essentially told me there was nothing he could do about my refund for
£50 and that the whole call centre at British Has are apparently unable to make
outbound calls. SO WHY TELL ME SOMEONE IS GOING TO CALL ME? He spoke over me constantly when I was talking, it was not only rude, childish and irritating but
incredibly unprofessional. I asked him to let me finish talking several times to
which he responded in a tone in which an adult would speak to a baby 'ok so how
about you tell me when I can talk. When you want me to talk say 'go' and I'll

Which company speaks to their customers like that?

I ask to get put through to a manager who explains to me that they are able to
make outbound calls and that I will get a call today.

I decide to take the matter on twitter and I get asked to 'DM' the
@britishgashelp account with my address and reference number, which I do. All I
get back is that someone will get back to me asap.

Tuesday 29th January
The engineer comes round and is lovely. We chat and he says even he hates the
customer service team for British Gas (the same company he works for) when he
deals with turn for work and for his own personal purposes. I ask him if he sees
the note about the refund of the £50 and there is nothing on my account. He says
he will dispute it for me as he was only needed to flick a switch. He understood
why I was so angry.

I wait until 4pm and tweet British Gas again and they ask me to 'DM' them my
details and my reference number. I am sure you can imagine my anger over this
STUPID question. I respond immediately asking them to check the DM's I've
already sent. And they then tell me that someone had been round that morning and
fixed the problem. I had to explain once again it wasn't in fact the boiler that
was the real issue now it was there lack of brain cells as a collective. I
explained I wanted a refund for the £50 and also my phone charges for spending
so long wasting my time trying to tell these people how to do their jobs. The
final point of communication today was again via a tweet from BG saying that
their experiencing a high volume of enquiries with it being winter. So why not say that in the first place instead of telling me for 3 days someone was getting back to me straight away.

I'm pretty sure it's like this all year round because of the fact it's the worst
company I've ever come across. Watchdog need to do a massive exposure on British
Gas. Honestly I'm lucky I'm moving into a flat in a few weeks where the gas
costs are part of my maintenance fee and therefore do not ever have to deal with
them again.
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