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Most incompetent customer service ever?

I won't bore you with the full details as it's a long and dull story.
I was with BG on a set monthly amount for my gas and moved home - transferring my service and also using them for electricity this time around too.

Before moving, I called to get the home move set in motion and give my meter readings - I was told that i was £150 in credit - great!
After the move, i received a final bill for the previous property - £390 so I called to query as I was told I was actually in credit?? The person I spoke to could not work out why i had been billed this as he too could see I should be in credit - he said he would query and call me back the next day BUT he never.

I waited a few more days then called them, waited 25 mins in queue and gave up - tried again 2 days later and gave up again (calling from mobile - really expensive).

A couple of days after this, I received a letter from a debt collection agency stating I had 7 days to pay THEM not British Gas. I tried to call BG again but too long-a wait so I emailed.

Had a call back from complaints dept who admitted that I was promised a call but this was not made. The bill was explained to me and the person i spoke to previously had got it wrong so I did owe the £390. I opted to pay this over a couple of payments as it was quite large. After admitting that I was not called and this lead to the debt collection, this was recalled (no apology though - made to feel he was doing ME the favour).

I couldn't make the first payment on this bill as it would take a few days to transfer back to them from debt agency but was promised a call back to arrange this once transferred back to them BUT again this was not done and once again it went back to the debt collection agency -because they failed to call me again.

Finally, I have been able to setup the payments to clear the bill. I have also moved both my gas and electricity to EDF in hope of better service.
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