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Fontenay-le-Comte, GB

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Clean ships, comfortable cabins, excellent staff

I always think that the real test of a service business is when something goes wrong.

On a recent crossing on my own with three children we took a cabin as usual. About an hour into the crossing, a blocked drain in the bathroom led to a flood. I wandered up to the information desk to ask for some help, and about fifteen seconds after I got back to the cabin to move the kids to a higher bunk a team of four descended upon us.

Two of them scooped up our possessions and whisked us to another cabin (an upgrade) while the other two started opening panels and waving wrenches around.

No-one could apologise enough - I even got an email apologising again when I got home.

The ships are always clean, the staff are always helpful. And they serve the Western Channel ports which is very convenient if you live in or visit Western France.

Jon Doust,
Owner, Vendée Vacances,
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