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High ping on your test results

At the same time as your speed test being inconsistent, compared with other speed test providers, your servers give a high ping reading. Up to 30ms in my case. The range of ping with and thinkbroadband is, in my case 9ms - 13ms. This may explain the inconsistency of your speed test. Do you need to get a contract with a better provider?

Your speed test gave me results between 80Mb and 122.6Mb. I am connected to the internet by ethernet cable, not WiFi. and Thinkbroadband tests give me a consistent >126Mb 24/7. Even Uswitch give me >120Mb consistently.

This variation in your tester is unacceptable given that clients may make choices about their ISP based upon such results.

Also your drop menu giving me a choice of connection speeds does not include 'up to 120Mb', as provided by Virgin Media. You stop at 100Mb. Clients are not going to be impressed if you are also out-of-date.

Having spent so much on a TV ad campaign perhaps you should spend some cash on a decent speed test server and on keeping your site up-to-date.
It looks like your server is due for an update again. For a few months your site kept up with advances in internet download speed. I even managed to get a full 120Mb out of your test. However, I just now tested my 152Mb Virgin Media connection. Results varied between 10Mb and 135Mb. Other speed testers like and Thinkbroadband give me a consistent result 160Mb and 156Mb respectively.
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    Reply from broadbandchoices

    Hi Vince,
    Thank you for your comments about our broadband speed tester, we do understand that are old speed tester had some limitations. We have now updated the speed tester and have launched a new one which hopefully you will find a lot more user friendly.
    Many Thanks
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