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Quali product but price setting STINKS

No problem with the product- works and plays as ment to...

But price setting at bullguard ??? Special offer from bullguard when updating 10% from 75+ Euro(550 Dkr) price on the internet with no other search frase the "bullguard- price" 25 Euro.(190 Dkr) . THANKS for the "sweet" old customer offer... STU... !!Go bark some where else - NOT in my INmail !!
    BullGuard Internet Security
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    Reply from BullGuard Internet Security

    Dear M. Christensen,

    At BullGuard, we sell our products directly to customers through our online shop. We also partner up with online and offline (retail) shops, who receive BullGuard products to sell on to their customers. We have a recommended price which reflects the value of the product, and this is the price we sell it for through our web shop.

    We cannot control what price our partners resell our products at, we can only recommend a price. We also cannot offer our products at a lower price than they are worth, which is the price we recommend to our partners. If our partners are in a position to sell our products at a discounted rate and make their money on other items on their shelves, that is beyond our control.

    If we were to match the lowest price at any given time we would have to change the pricing continuously, probably leaving some customers feeling cheated because the price they bought at yesterday had suddenly been lowered. In addition, it would complicate matters for our partners. We would also not be able to cover our production costs and would end up going out of business.

    Best regards,
    Andreea-Luciana Ostache
    Senior Support Technician
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