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For me is regular but compared whit another security products its great

I am a security wilder i have various products in the last years always a paid suscription, i dont mencioned it but i tell the problems one of they skip files from program files folder who dont skip before an upgrade, the second stops and freezezz in a memory scan in full system scan, the third detects his own update files like viruses and ignore it. Bullguard gives me calm i feel very calm, if present any problem i can not solve the tech support help me and never fail me incluse if i am a trial user. Now i buy a suscription for three years and feel me so happy. Mi reazons for use bullguard are:
1 Good rate of protection
2 Good rate of removal
3 Antipishing and advices of malicious webs in a graphical form
4 Vulnerability scan
5 Behavioral Shield
6 Support tech
The facts because my opinion is not very satisfactory are:
1. No option to invulnerability browser
2. No safe banking
3. No Resque disk or boot scan previously system load
4 No list of compatibility whit third party applications
5 Sharable back up i think if i have a licence for three computer the back up space must be reparted because one of the users can delete the files of the other.

I want to tell you i install bullguard in a supuest clean computer but in cuestion of days i lost internet conection. The thecnicals made all the posible things for repair it but they can not. The first time i install all my apps and programs and affter i install bullguard, now i first install bullguard and latter all the programs and all works fine, i dont have infections, i dont feel my computer slow down, and i feel so secure.

I read another opinions Quad core computer slow? my computer are a laptop whit a AMD procesor very bad and bullguard works very fast the full system scans only delays one hour and the start up only delays 70 secons my computer have 400 video ram 1.5 ram ddr3 and 1.3 procesor dual core downclocked for works at 1.1.Second install bullguard in clean computers and infected? i dont think so, i dont belive this computers are clean the mine whit bullguard installed affter reinstall the sistem dont infected.

I think bullguard is a integral security suite and very much value, gives peace and tranquility.

I need to say the tech support are very qualiffed but not are perfect, i dont need a thelephone number for contact they, chat is only i need and i dont speak english but they have me patience and always answer my questions have a good nigth.
    BullGuard Internet Security
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    Reply from BullGuard Internet Security

    Thank you for your kind words and valuable feedback!

    We will make sure to cover all those areas in future updates. BullGuard is ever trying to offer the best protection, while being as user-friendly as possible.

    Thank you for choosing BullGuard!

    Andreea-Luciana Ostache
    Senior Support Technician
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