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Not to be trusted

Got a phone on contract from them. It developed a fault very shortly after purchase. Took it in and they said they would have to send it off to be fixed, I expressed my disatisfaction at this due to it being in perfect condition but faulty I felt I should have had a brand new replacement due to how new the handset was, they said it has to have been attempted to be fixed 3 times before they replace them.

Found this disgusting, had to argue with them to get a standby handset while I waited for it to be fixed and they really did insult me by giving me something that was prehistoric!

When it came back they claimed it was perfectly fine and working but conveniently the battery was flat. Upon returning home and charging the phone I found it to be still suffering the exact same fault, they had done nothing!!!

Took it back again, same thing all over again. This time when I finally got a text saying it was fixed and ready (over 2 weeks later) I returned to collect it. This time I made sure I had a charger and tested it in the shop before leaving and found it still had the fault!!! I demanded that instead of being given this faulty handset that I receive a new one!

They gave me some ridiculous story of how they cannot do that, they have to send it off with a "recommendation" that it gets a replacement and it wasnt up to them it was up to the technicians repairing them. I then got told that they had agreed and my brand new replacement was waiting for me.

This time I got their to find the supposedly brand new handset, had a broken charging port on it when I opened the box right there in store. I complained at the manager who couldnt explain why it would have been like that but also couldnt explain why it wasnt wrapped or had the protection screens on like new ones would have.

Yet again a new one was demanded and again one provided but I still dont believe it really was a new one. Have since been informed by a former staff member that many of the phones they give as brand new replacements are in fact reconditioned as they dont feel they should have to replace faulty/damaged with new ones even if they are at fault!

Needless to say, I have not renewed or used carphone warehouse since. Their repair centres are useless and their insurance is worthless
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