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Mixed bag of experience

Having just returned from my stag doo in Belfast I have to say I had a mixed experience of good and bad points, however the bad points outweigh the good points for me. Firstly contact with the Chillisauce rep went from moderate to zero as soon as the final payment was made. After numerous emails I took it upon myself to find the information I needed. The hotel was a major plus point as it was very central to where we wanted to be and the rooms and service we received was great.
The evening (Friday) is where things started to turn for the worst. Our itinerary includes a bar and a nightclub; the bar however denied all knowledge of Chillisauce and was very unfriendly to our cause. I simply put this down to jobs worth doormen however the bar staff confirmed this too. Then moving onto the organised club is where things went from bad to worse as again they denied they worked with Chilli Sauce and that stag doo's were certainly not welcome there. We wouldn’t have minded moving on to a different place however the money we paid included a £10 entry fee. This was promptly followed by a call to the Chilli sauce emergency number where a compromise were sought between the bar manager and the Chilli sauce rep.
Saturday’s activity of Go Karting was the highlight and made the trip to the location well worth it. I would certainly recommend this place as the staff were very friendly and the event was very organised.
Saturday eve followed the same theme as Friday night so we did our own thing until it came to the time to hit the club we had already paid for. Again no knowledge of the booking and no knowledge of Chillisauce. Again an emergency call to chillisauce followed and eventually we got access to the worst club I could have ever imagined. The average age of the people in there was 18 or below which made the door ID policy a joke. Every 2 minutes there was a punch up and there was just a bad vibe about the place, especially as the majority of the gangs of under-ages took a disliking to the fact that one of our lads had black skin, so we promptly left. Why chillisauce recommended this place to stag doo parties I will never know.
So, to summarise, the hotel and the activity were spot on and the advice and help received when ringing the emergency number were good. However the customer service I experience after the final payment had been made was poor and the choice of venues that were included in the price was poor. For me these two points far outweigh the good points because no stag do is complete without recommended cracking bars and nightclub which Chillisauce got completely wrong. This would be the reason that I wouldn’t recommend Chillisauce as they got the fundamentals wrong on this one.
A very disappointed stag!
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    Hi Darren

    Thanks for your feedback regarding your stag weekend in Belfast and we are very sorry the weekend didn’t meet your expectations.

    We are glad that you enjoyed the hotel and the karting centre however, as already discussed, we would like to apologise for the disappointing experience with the evening entertainment.

    With reference to the nightclubs in question, we have had a long working relationship with their national managing company. A problem arose when around the time of your booking this company changed hands and the switchover of our previously booked groups didn’t happen smoothly. We rectified a lot of them prior to departure but some Belfast ones slipped through the net, yours being one of them.

    When contacted by your group whilst on the event our weekend help desk sought to contact the relevant club managers. One agreed to give leniency on dress code for your group as a result. As for the crowd at the Saturday club it sounds like a mismatch for your group – we have had good reports from that venue previously but the demographics on specific nights are beyond our control. We’ve noted your comments however and passed them onto the club.

    We unreservedly apologise for the problems you experienced with this and have refunded in full the money you paid to us for the club entries.

    Regards the problems with customer service we have looked into the emails you sent us that went un-responded to. This is not acceptable and the staff member in question has been spoken to at length. Whilst it shouldn’t be necessary if you’d called our offices and asked to speak to a manager regarding these it would have been rectified on the spot. Again we offer our sincere apologies.
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