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Hamburg stag do by chilli sauce: Manageably mismanaged.

Chilli sauce got a few things right over the 4 nights we spent in Hamburg: The hotel was comfortable though the breakfast was lacking and the transfers between airports and activities were a nice feature (though also lacked consistency across activities or in arriving on time). The taxi for our return to the airport had to be called as it didn’t arrive and the response of the phone was “Is it not there already?” - Not what I call a vote of confidence. On the day that we went paintballing one taxi arrived at the venue 20-30 minutes before the other despite setting off second.
The traditional 4 course German meal was in fact 1 course with 2 small beers and though the beer allowance was made clear to us straight away the staff at the restaurant, the fact that we were only having one (good but small) meal was not.
The paintballing was outdoor rather than indoor with 14 euros extra costs each for an overall and enough paintballs to last everyone the games. It is very relaxed though and much better than in England. Would definitely go back.
The go karting was an excellent activity! We raced in 2 sets of 6 with a short practise, qualifying and then approximately 40 laps on a 28-33 second/lap track. You get a print out at the end detailing your performance.
The beer bike was hard work but a lot of fun. The driver was informative and the tour substantial with 2-3 breaks. The beer was cleary cheap but acceptable and (due to temperature) took somebody working the tap the whole time to get anything but foam into the glasses.
The night time tour that we went on with a local guide was excellent too. We were accepted into bars we were not previously allowed into due to guest lists. Once into these it is important to behave appropriately as the staff are very apprehensive of groups of British men and will have you removed for as little as spilling your drink.
I would suggest that you get a map and try and see as much during the day as possible. From St Pauli where our hotel was, we were one corner from Altona train station and you can get tickets for the S-Bahn “Fast Train” for very cheap. I suggest visiting the Aussenalster and the area around the Hauptbahnhopf if you get chance.
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