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THEY may THINK theyre good!

I had one small "supermarket trolley" scratch about 5cm. long to be fixed and a dent in the petrol filler flap of my car.
The rather brusque manager of the depot I visited did condescend to look at it and supplied an estimate, and wanted to fit a new filler flap and spray it. This would involve quite some dimantling of the interior to remove and refit, plus the price of a new flap, of course.
The estimate seemed to me to be plucked from the air at over £200 including VAT, I also got the distinct impression they were not really interested in taking on the work at all, and that I would cough up blindly thinking this was cheap.
On my way home from what I thought was a rather wasted journey, I despondantly called at a local bodyshop just out of interest, fully expecting that they would not undertake such minor stuff, as most are busy with major accident repairs. IO couldn't have been more surprised at the outcome.
The "scratch" job is done, the colour match is perfect, and the whole lot cost only £150 including VAT.
These folk also had a proper panelbeater, who removed the dent in the filler cap cover with hand tools and without recourse to any dismantling at all. There is no evidence now that any damage existed.
My advice would be to ask around before shelling out on rather more expensive repairs than are claimed by this obviously rather self-opinionated franchise.
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