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pretty poor so called tracking

Well i made an order with a company for mums 72 birthday present.
was sent an email on the 7th telling me my parcel has been sent by City Link express which is 48 hours.

and not to check the tracking link until after 6pm.
i checked after 6 and it informed me parcel has been scanned and is on its way to the delivery depot.
delivery date is Thursday 9th.
i checked in the early hours of the morning * 8th * and still showing parcel scanned and on its way to delivery depot delivery date 9th.
i checked a few times through out yesterday and no up date . after 30 hours still no update on progress.

i was told else where that city link only update tracking 3 times , once collected , item arrives morning of delivery and item has been delivered.
Pretty pathetic service if you ask me.

Well it is now delivery day and nearly 38 hours and yep still no new tracking details , still been scanned and on its way to delivery depot and delivery date 9th.

DPD kept me up to date on progress and then sent me an email giving me a 1 hour delivery slot , 2 mins into that delivery slot the door bell went and it was an other parcel i had ordered.
i did not even know DPD did that as i have never had anything delivered by them.

I am only complaining about lack of information / lack of tracking details . well at the moment that is all i am commenting about , delivery is still for today , but is it going to show up ???
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