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Sorry, there isn't a zero star

Waited in all day for a delivery. Didn't turn up. Check my tracking and it was delivered at lunchtime. Except I was in all day and it had not.

They left no note in my door either saying they had been.

After much ringing around they had a picture to show me where it was placed round the back garden. It wasn't my house.

Then they said he placed it there but then the owner turned up and signed for it.

But they didn't have an address just a GPS so I went round there and knocked on all the houses - nobody had the parcel or heard of this person they said it was with.

Then, they found an address, so I went round there and it wasn't there and she wasn't called what they said she was called.

Additionally this parcel was classed as 'only to be delivered to the house specified'

Essentially I get the feeling:
1. It was lunchtime, the driver was finishing so couldn't be bothered to drop it off to my house so left it near his last drop-off (hence why I saw nobody nor had a card) and scarpered. Either that or it was Friday with a bank holiday coming up.

2. city link have absolutely no ability to log where a parcel is.

They also refuse to find my parcel until four days time.

Brilliant service.
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