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God awful - dont use!!!

Where to even begin with this one. So, ordered a near 900 tv from amazon to replace one that broke. Paid for guaranteed next day before 1pm delivery.

Waited And waited - gone 1pm no delivery. Went online and says its the other side of the uk from where I am !! Call them up 'oh it's amazons fault it hasn't left there warehouse' !!

Call amazon and they say no it's been scanned in at city links depot for delivery !! Promised faithfully it would be delivered the next day - so I spend another unpaid day at home .... Surprise surprise NO tv!!!! What a shocker city link !!

They of course blame amazon again and promise me faithfully it will be delivered the next day .., oh really city link .. Really !!

Of course I cancelled my order and ups will deliver my new tv through a different company.

City link you are a cunch of bunts !!! May your company go into administration as soon as humanly possible.
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