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Don't know where to begin

My blood is beginning to boil. Cannot believe I have a contract with arguably the worlds most incompetent courier.

We used City Link to send parcels for our fishing tackle shop

Thursday Issue:
Send a parcel to a customer last Thursday for next day delivery. Had a call on Friday questioning where the parcel was, looked at the tracking and could see it had been signed for. Customer informed me they had not signed for it.

It was too late to call City Link so dropped them a line on Monday, they spoke to the driver who said: "I forged the signature and left the parcel safe"

I am gob smacked. Parcel cannot be found, City Link have asked the driver to call back round several times to show the customer where it is and he has failed to do so. Cannot find the items and I have had to issue a full refund to the customer.

Monday Issue:
Booked out parcels with City Link for next day delivery. they failed to collect the entire consignment. All rolled over until Tuesday

Tuesday issue:
All parcels collected including Mondays. Driver failed to deliver them to the depot.

Wednesday issue (today):
Thursday issue still not resolved.
Mondays items still in Cardiff depot
Tuesdays items still in Cardiff depot

Are City link bothered? Not quite as much as me.

Made 8 calls to City link over the past 3 days with promises that they will deal with this and call me back. Failed again as I had to keep chasing.

Never, never, never, never, ever again. I will also refuse to take any parcels in from my suppliers who use City Link.

Just frustrating that complaints fall on deaf ears.

Would love the mobile number or email for the MD just vent my anger. But would he be interested? I doubt it !
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