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Micky Mouse outfit

I shipped an item sold via eBay with City Link. The booking agent I used was
I picked City Link, which wasn’t the cheapest quote, as mistakenly I assumed that it was an efficient well organised company. Sadly it isn’t!
Collection was made by a scruffy bloke in tee shirt & jeans and an unmarked van, and unlike every other carrier I have used he didn’t have a hand held reader or scanner, merely a tatty piece of A4 paper. He collected the box and that is the last anyone has seen of my item.
When it didn’t arrive I contacted MPD as they were the booking agent, they were very polite but sadly pointless, as City Link didn’t respond to anyone. After 10 working days I contacted one of the two City Link depot in Leeds who happily told me that stuff often got put on the wrong pallet and disappeared
City Link then informed MPD the same day that the parcel was lost, but then as a final insult refused to pay out on the insurance I had taken out on it.
I have never used City Link before and obviously will never use them again; it’s a Mickey Mouse set-up and little wonder Rentokil sold it off

FAO John Davies at City Link.
MPD consignment number MPD281724-1; City Link consignment number AS987673

What an appalling company to deal with! I have no idea if I am being helped or they are simply taking the mick.
Following my Trustpilot posting above as seen I added consignment numbers as requested by Mr John Davies. On the 27th of November I received a telephone call on from a lady named Tracy saying that they thought that it may have been incorrectly delivered to one of their larger clients.
She confirmed a description of the contents, its packaging and markings and stated that they had contacted this client and requested that they check their delivery. That would take maybe 24 hours or 48 hours at the outside but I would know the outcome by COP Friday the 29th of November.
Since the 27th all I have received is an earth shattering silence. I emailed City Link on Thursday the 28th via their website to offer a photograph of the contents; no reply, simply ignored.
As a week of silence has now passed I telephoned today, Wednesday the 4th of December. It rang for ages with a constant repeat of the inane tele-message stating ad infinitum that I could track my parcel via their website interspersed with the statement that I was moving up the queue; finally the sound changed to a proper ring tone and at that point one of City Link Customer Service agents no doubt pick up the call and immediately rang it off. Another call answered!!

City Link it would appear is a company that you cannot contact be either telephone or email.
My advice if you have a parcel to send, go elsewhere; anywhere else is better
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    Reply from City Link


    I am sorry to hear of your recent experience with City Link, could you supply me a consignment number in order for me to review please?

    Kind Regards

    John Davies
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