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Absolutely most unhelpful , rude and a shambles of a company !!

I placed an order on Ebay and my parcel was sent via these people - WOW is all I can say.
I had an attempted delivery on the Saturday 16th November apparently - according to Dave the wonderfully rude and disgruntled customer service agent on their main number , We argued for ages where of course everything I said was wrong and he was right, he said he would send the pictures the driver took of my front door at time of attempted delivery as proof. When he sent the 2 identical pictures (one was cropped a bit to make them look like different pictures I think) it was in fact attempted delivery the Monday 18th not Saturday , and pictures dates and times can be falsified !!? not a very good system.
Anyways I received my first and only attempted delivery receipt on the Tuesday, saying I had to collect from depot as too many attempts had been tried, so I was a bit shocked as I never got a first delivery receipt ! if I had , I could have arranged delivery on Wednesday 20th when I was home all day .
So this one blunder led to me talking to Dave , oh Dave , what can I say ! amongst other things he told me that its up to the company who paid them to deliver the item to tell me the first day of attempted delivery, and the driver doesn't have to leave a first delivery receipt!?
I told him also there was no date or time or driver name on the only receipt I did give and again he said driver doesn't have to leave those details. oh and a business working day is Monday - Saturday according to Dave, as he works Saturdays!!! (seriously !) I explained to Dave that Monday- Friday is the definition of a working day, he was having none of it.
So the company I bought the item from said they would call and try get some sense out of them , they spoke to Dave and were flabberghasted , he could actually go down in history for being the most rude, unhelpful and antagonising person to deal with , and Ive dealt with BT !! so hats off Dave.
Oh and I am waiting for a redlivery today , I am nervous as to what will happen .....

Well today !!! a chinese sounding woman rang my buzzer said I had a delivery .....I went downstairs, and she was gone ..... I waited and thought she had gone to get my delivery but no , she literally rang and then ran, didn't leave an attempted delivery slip , she really didn't want to give me my parcel as I took about ten seconds to get downstairs after answering !!!, my new delivery number is GNJ15596 as given to me by the company I bought the item from , and on the website when I looked it up it said attempted delivery today , WHAT IS GOING ON ??, why do you not want to deliver parcels ????? its a disgrace !!!
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    Reply from City Link

    Dear Pamela

    I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with you delivery via City Link, I am speaking to the local depot manager to get an update. Once I have more information we will update you, one of my team will be in direct contact with you via your contact telephone number within the job booking.

    Kind Regards,

    John Davies
    Head of Customer Relations
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