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So yesterday was my birthday. But City Link were due to deliver a parcel. Never mind, I don't mind waiting in, I can go out and celebrate once it's been delivered. I check the website to see when it's due. Between 13.18 and 15.18. Ah, well I'm not going to be able to go out for lunch just in case they are early (!). And so I wait. I decide to make use of my time by going into the front garden to potter around. At 16.00 there is no still no sign of my parcel. I check the website "Sorry we are running late". Oh well. Who wants to celebrate their birthday anyway?
By 19.30 I'm getting concerned. I'd really fancied going out for a meal tonight. but it's too late now ... oooh - look "19.25 delivery was attempted but there was no one there to accept". I fire off an email of complaint. detailing the fact that I was in ALL day.
This morning I check the website again to see if my delivery has been rescheduled ... what's this "Your parcel was delivered and signed by "LEFT IN SAFE PLACE, Monday Dec 2nd 14.18". How strange. I sent another emal complaining.
Faith from Customer Services emails me "Sorry, the driver did attempt the delivery but there was no one in. He left a card"
Hmmm. That doesn't explain the tracking status that says "Delivered" and despite searching high and low there is no card. How on earth did he manage to get past me to reach the front door??
Still Faith assures me that my parcel will be delivered today between 09.54 and 13.54.
Guess what? It's now 15.32 and no parcel ...
From now on when placing orders I wil be checking which courier firm a company uses and if it's City Link I wil be requesting that my parcels are sent by alternative means.
Disgraceful bunch of liars.
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