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Is this really a delivery company?

I ordered a laptop through a work scheme (EPCIS) provided by the borough I work for in London. I was informed by EPCIS that on 10.12.2013 my delivery would be at the depot in Beckton, where the order would be processed by City-Link and prepared for delivery on 11/12.12.2013. I knew full well that I wouldn't be able to be in for delivery of the parcel as I was at work, so I when I got home I expected to see a card left either on the 11th / 12th December. On the evening of the 11th December there was no card, so I assumed that the parcel would be delivered the next day. At around 8.30pm I checked my work emails, finding in my inbox, an email from EPCIS saying that City-Link had attempted to deliver today. The email went on to provide a link to the order tracking history. Logging on, the history said that 15:19 a driver had attempted to deliver and left a card. There was no card. Had there been a card, I would have rung up the depot as soon as I got in that evening to try and rearrange a delivery. This was the first of a string of lies the company proceeded to 'deliver' out over the course of what is now 4 days. As it was now too late to ring as the office was shut, I decided to ring in the morning the next day.

The next day, Thursday 12th December '13, I rang the depot. The operator was helpful, she apologised when I told her about a card not being left by the driver. Knowing I wouldn't be in to collect the parcel on the second attempt, I arranged with the operator to collect the package from the depot in Beckton (1hr on the train from both my home and where I work). Meanwhile, throughout Thursday, my parcel had supposedly taken another trip out around London where delivery to my home was attempted again. When I got in on Thursday evening I checked the order tracking history, it said again 'Delivery point closed (carded)'. There was no card. Lie number 2.

So Saturday morning comes. I got up bright and early to travel to the depot in Beckton to collect my parcel, like I had originally arranged. Before I left, seeing as I didn't have a card, I logged on to the order tracking site again to get the order number and customer reference number for when I got to the depot. The order tracking history had updated again! This time it said: '07:50, the goods had been loaded onto a van for delivery'. "Whah?!"

I rang up the depot. The operator admitted she was just as confused as I was because the notes on the system clearly stated that I had arranged to pick up the parcel from the depot. She advised that I shouldn't travel to the depot, that the parcel was definitely on the van and that I should wait at home for it to be delivered. Great I thought, that saves me a 2 hour round trip to Beckton to collect my parcel. In addition, she also advised that the delivery drivers would only be working until 1:00pm today. So I waited...and waited... five hours and 45 minutes passed, it was 1.45pm. Still no knock at the door. I swear on the life of Santa Claus himself, the best parcel delivery man of all time, that I did not leave the house, play loud music so I wouldn't be able to hear the knock at the door or fall asleep, as it happens, I had a mountain of marking to do. There would be no chance I would miss the knock at the door.

So at 1.45pm I decided to give City-Link another call. This time I navigated my way to the 'I'm not happy' section on their website. Surely, any company that has an 'I'm not happy' section on their website should be avoided like the plague. It says to me, "Yes, we know we are rubbish at delivering parcels so we have a special section on our site for unhappy customers to contact us." For a company that makes £300million turnover a year, surely every parcel you deliver should be delivered on time, when you say it will be delivered. Anyway, I called the number and explained the circumstances. She explained that at this time of the year they are very busy and that the drivers will sometimes be late. She very kindly put me on hold while she rang the depot in Beckton. When she came back on the line, she explained that she had actually spoken to the driver and he said that he has the parcel and would be with me between 2.30 and 3.00pm. I try to see the best in everyone, so I gave the operator, driver and city-link the benefit of the doubt and awaited the parcel. Once again, I didn't go out, play loud music, or fall asleep.

3.00pm came. I had now been waiting 7 hours for the delivery. I kept the link to the order history open on my browser and refreshed it every 20 mins or so. At 4.16pm a new update appeared on the history. Once again "16.10 - Delivery point closed (carded)". ARGHHHHHHH! Lie number 3! I was in, there was no way I could have missed it. So it is now Saturday evening, I tried to call but the office was shut. I'm not sure what will happen now, I guess I will try and call again on Monday morning...
So city link, here is my current status:
5:49pm Saturday 14th December 2013 - Waited 8 hours for delivery, P'dOff, (Not Carded)
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