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Worst... carrier... ever...

A friend bought me an Xbox One as a late Birthday, early Christmas present from Amazon, Amazon chose to use City-Link as the carrier for this £449.99 order. I immediately looked up City Link online and I was shocked by the reviews... nothing but endless pages of negative reviews, I said to myself I'm just going to wait for it to arrive and not let the reviews bother me too much. Monday came and it was suppose to arrive before 1PM, tracking never updated to 'Out for delivery', i called City-Link to see what's up and they assured me it's out for delivery and i will get it before 5:30pm (even though it was paid for before 1pm) that did not occur. I called them again and they investigated what happened and i was told that the driver couldn't locate the package as he was loading the van in the morning, not helpful to me but i said okay and then said it was lost and they are searching for it... pretty ridiculous, and after what i read online it made it even worse... Tuesday came, i called them at 8am to see if they have any updates, i heard what i wanted to hear, they told me they located the item and it's going out for delivery as we spoke... i asked when will the tracking update to reflect that? he said within the hour, i called them an hour later, i was told the same thing, i was assured that they found it and it's out for delivery 100%, i asked again about the tracking and i was told to wait an hour again... an hour later i called them AGAIN... I was told it would be investigated but to be assured it's out for delivery... another hour later, i called them for the 4th time and wouldn't you know... they assured me again it's out for delivery... i gave up, and instead asked them on Twitter (also did that on Monday) and they replied with

@CityLink: Head office have confirmed that the items are being looked for. I am sorry you are being given conflicting information.

So after being told it's out for delivery by 4 different people, I'm suddenly told it's still LOST... it was now lost for over 48 hours, Wednesday came, i called them at 8am and this time they said they have no updates, it's still lost, we are now past 1pm, still lost... Amazon was contacted and they refunded the order, but at the cost of me not getting my present in time for Christmas, Amazon would have sent a replacement but they are out of stock for 3 weeks.

Don't trust these incompetent people, if you order from Amazon be sure to chat with them via the support chat and ask them to put a note on the order to dispatch the item via DPD (if you paid for next day)

City Link has ruined Christmas.
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