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Great price, bad communications

CJS provide some of the cheapest prices found on the web for games - on that front they get 5 stars.

The problem is that I pre-ordered COD:Ghosts for PC and got some rather mixed messages. The game description says instant delivery of the key - not true.

When I try to get my key it says it will be delivered 48 hours before release - not true.

Support say it will be released in time to preload - Not true (unless you have insane (>50Mbps) broadbnad).

Facebook says keys will come out at 1900hrs on 4th Nov - Not true

Key is finally available at 2115hrs

The game was cheap but the communication was rubbish - if they had just said upfront that I would get it a few hours before release I would be happy and have ordered, instead they give the impression before you order you will get it 'instantly' in reality it was 3 days later. Be honest guys and you will have a customer for a long time (if you keep the prices this great!).

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    Please be patient :) Evetything will be sent on time
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