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my coffee love story !

my coffee love story
Hello all coffee fellows, (sorry for my not so good english)

New medical continuing researches noticed and pointed us that moderate consuming some good coffee breuvage may help Human health and some Metabolic, Cardiovascular & Neurodegenerative diseases like Diabete, Alzheimer etc.
My story start then from this new concept. Struggling every day trying tirelessly to find healing for my poor Patients. But the snag is that i always hate drinking coffee !
all the coffees i've drunk at this time are very bad burned taste and bitter.

By the grace of God, one day i've seen NatGeo well done documentary about illy factory & their amazing one of best world coffee. was so astonished by all this unexpected coffee science.
Despite i live in a country in which majority people spent their time struggling for survival life, i am surprised thinking in these luxuries ideas, honestly feeling somehow little shame. i imagine that i was at one year-light distance from this world dream.

One more time by the grace of God i Googled and found a representative of illy in my country. at the first hour in the morning i rushed out and bought there some good boxes of illy coffee. Then without waiting tried to shot this unequalled fragrance in my old dusty swiss steam espresso. unfortunately found it as usually weird & burned taste.
i thought then, what happened to the original inbox marvelous perfume ? that was the first brain wave !
After lot of Googling i've learned much from & at that time unknown yet terms and what behind the marvelous of named Coffeegeek world, like Barista, Latte, thermostat, Pressurstat, Brass then Stainless Boiler, Vibration Pumps, PID, "4 M" rule !! then finally came the "Bean to cup" concept waoo ! all that ! where i was living all this time ? i thought !
yeah ! the goal then is to keep fragiles essential oils and aromas in the cup ...
Without hesitation i rushed out to our survivor unique illy shop, then bought the "ET like" FrancisFrancis X7.1 hyperespresso machine. What was my deception when once at home i realized that the little stock of ground illy coffee first i've bought is useless with this machine, it used special capsules only from illy !! it's so outrageous ! The man gave me two capsules gift for testing.
The first capsule i've tested in this almost one push_button_ready_coffee programmable machine astonished me ! waooo! i've thought, then this is the real coffee taste? ok! so i spent all my life hating coffee just because it was not well done?? it's unbelievable ! all the whole room smelt very good coffee same as first moments when we ground it ! and what's a softened crema ! this is the second brain wave !
as if i was in the second war, i struggled all the week trying to find a way to recycle these annoying capsules without succeed ! i've found then it's unfair to be stuck with them and not very environmental friendly no one youtube's crazy guy out there have already done it. was so disappointed.

Can't gave up now ! i am say. so almost one month during i've spent all the time Googling.
Then i've fluttering from:
First Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder
to Francis Francis X7 Ground machine
to Rancilio Silvia set and grinder
to La Pavoni Europiccola & Professional Lever machine
sometimes on the way suprinsing me dreaming about Rocket Espresso Giotto or R8, Elektra T1 Sixties
Then one day a Good fairy made me met with website i was so happy to find that they have the lower price out there, this let me then dreaming to buy the isomac Tea III new Cool Touch. Honestly i can't afford the regular price one, kids & family obligations!

Then in a hurry i've sent an email to honestly once more without much hope.
Miraculously a charming Gentleman named Marco respond promptly and patiently with great professionalism and kindness to all my annoying questions, make my dream become reality. i've bought then the set isomac tea III cool touch + Mazzer Coffee Grinder Doser MINI A
And yes i recognize that coffeeitalia is not a one push button firm, but let us be serious Sirs, marvelous women and men of coffeeitalia team work tirelessly behind scene just to satisfy us. Believe me coffee fellows i'm not here to criticize anyone but i just wanted write this review to give my testimony and simply say to team especially Brave Marco Thank you Man!, you just make me so happy in this year of 2013 ! and go buy there without hesitation.
it's all of the best

Thanks one million time
All my Best wishes to you and your family
Long life to coffeeitalia !

Docteur Dave V. (Ophtalmologist M.D)
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