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Prices going up, quality of prizes going down

When Cokezone started in the UK it was so exciting. As a Coke merch collector, I was in heaven.

In the space of three years, the prices of the rewards have gone up and the variety of prizes has dropped off massively. For example, in 2009 I was able to get a "Coke tee in a tin" for 150 points. Even a year ago, a t-shirt was 200 points. Now they are 300.

Other countries still continue to get good value rewards. There are countless competition draws, but nobody wants those.

Cokezone also refuse to acknowledge customers' complaints. You used to be able to comment on the blogs, but they stopped that when they got inundated with negative comments. Now the blog is full of fluff and details about trips Cokezone take their staff on. Needless to say these don't go down well- that they can spend money on trips but don't spend it on rewarding customers.

We do get a monthly poll, but these never address any key issues- for example, a lot of people want games. The polls are often banal things like "how do you listen to music?" or "how old are you?" or "how do you access Cokezone?" They also block people on Twitter who complain.
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