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Brilliant company

I have used them before, and unlike other rivals, you reach a real person when you email! I had inadvertantly booked something but needed to cancel the uplift as soon as I realised my error I emailed, a person had contacted me and was great, and within 30mins the paypal was reversed and job cancelled.

I have every faith in them when I use the as the 3rd party to take a parcel , mainly a small 'ebay sold item' in some sort of chunky box.

Rather than the negative experience, of seeing myself in the past, cart a cumbersome box to a mobbed post office where nosy patronising staff ask "whats in it and is it worth more than £46pounds?" and sniff about like the parcel police ....whilst queuing bored adults with ill manners snort and sigh loudly and mutter 'godsake', under their breath, the complete opposite happens when you choose CMP!

You enter your basic details and state whats inside and its value and so on then a date for collection and then payment, your parcel number is right there on-screen and your labels, and they even have a facility to add the recipients email address so they too can tap in the tracker number and see when to expect delivery.

Flawless and painfree and if you have no car or a bad back or are housebound for any reason, it cuts a few corners for you!
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