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Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

We purchased a 2 year EV Multi Domain SSL certificate back in 2012. On purchasing this, the sales rep offered an additional year, for free, in order to be competitive with other offers I had received. I took him up on the deal and continued with the signup.

After a difficult installation period and trouble communicating through various departments via contact forms, overseas departments and knowledge bases, we finally managed to get the certificate installed and working.

When we came to add a second domain to the certificate a year later, we once again had to jump through hoops, as this was not made clear how to install. Eventually we managed to complete this after several days of emails with support.

Now to 2014. We received an advanced warning that the SSL certificate was due to expire, so I queried this with the rep who told me that the certificate was a 2 year certificate, and to get the third year free, we would need to submit a new CSR to obtain a renewed single year certificate. After doing this, I was sent a new certificate to install on our server which was duly done.

On the 01/02/2014 the certificate ran out. Not just the old one, but the new one too. Because the new one was not in fact new, but the same old replacement certificate! Our website has now been unsecured and had been losing customers and orders for two days.

Having queried this with support, I was put through to sales who wanted me to buy a new certificate. After explaining that I would not be buying another certificate, they arranged for me to place an incomplete order, which accounts would 'zero', in order to put the sale through.

I found this very frustrating, and after several communications, was still being told that the best thing would be to buy a new certificate.

After receiving no confirmation of order, nor any more communication, I chased the rep who's tone became aggressive, and was still advising that buying a certificate would be the quickest solution.

I still have no valid SSL certificate and feel like the position of power that Comodo has over our company at the present time is being abused by certain members of staff. I assume that sales of SSL certificates are done on commission, hence the overbearing pressure for me to renew as opposed to Comodo fixing the problem by issuing the certificate which we have already paid for.

I find this complete process a shambles and as such cannot see how Comodo can possibly expect me, or anyone else to want renew an SSL certificate with them after receiving such atrociously poor service.

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