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Excellent Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!

Visited cool blades website and found the product I needed was out of stock!
I kept looking on the website ever day for the next couple of days to see if was in stock yet but it still wasn't.
I called their customer service line and the woman was so polite and helpful.
They were awaiting an order and she asked for my telephone number so she could call me to tell me if the product had come in or not.
She called me back within the hour and it hadn't come in but she said she would order it so it was on the next delivery.
She told me in should be in by the end of following week and to keep checking the website.
I did and by the end of that week the website said it was now in stock.
I ordered straight away and it came within 48 hours.
So happy with service and will be reordering with cool blades.
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